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Am I getting a good deal on my injection molds from China?

If you’ve been buying injection molds from China for a while and wonder if you’re still getting the best deal, then you’re in the right place.

You’ll discover the top reasons US and European companies get taken advantage of when working with injection mold makers in China—even when they don’t realize it. 

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We can help you quickly determine if you’re overpaying for your injection molds, shipping, or being underserved in terms of materials or testing with your current vendor.

Here’s why:

Most of the time the price of an injection mold is not an indicator of a bad deal. It’s actually the one thing that makes buyers feel great about their decision.

Where American and European companies get taken advantage of are in details like this

  • Brokers or middlemen who only pick mold makers or suppliers willing to pay them a hefty referral fee—regardless if they’re the best price or quality for you

  • Second-rate supplies sold as first-rate, with “official” paperwork to cover up the switcheroo

  • Unreliable materials supply chain because suppliers aren’t always paid in full or on time, which means possible delays or substitutions for you

  • Poor employee retention practices result in a high turnover of technicians on the factory floor, which means inconsistent quality in your molds

  • Project management processes which *expect* flaws to be “ground out” at the end instead of using 3-D simulation software to build it right the first time


Your American ally in China

Jade Molds has been in China a long time, and we have great respect for the quality mold makers here as well as the incredible capacity available.

However, we’d be doing you a disservice if we pretended these issues didn’t exist in a whole lot of places.

And even if we don’t win your business, we’re just too darn stubborn to allow you to be taken advantage of.

(It’s in our mission statement.)

Click here to request a free review of your current setup, or call us now at 888-549-6014.

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