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Injection Mold Making

Great offshore injection mold pricing paired with the Western quality you need. We will deliver on both for you.

The single biggest factor that prevents injection molders from winning more production jobs is part price and the single biggest factor in determining part price is the cost of the injection mold tool. We will not only deliver you a great injection mold tooling price but also the Western quality (Western engineered mold design, project managers, mold makers, quality control) you need for truly great offshore injection molds. With communication always in native English we are able to deliver problem free molds that will run great in your presses back home and meet your highly specific injection molding production goals.

Save up to 50% off your injection mold tariff using Jade’s DDP USA shipping option.

Fabricación de Moldes

Some of Jade's offshore mold making advantages

Tips for qualifying injection mold tooling suppliers

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