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Western Quality Control in China
Performed by Westerners
Mold builds start with QC checks on the Western mold design put together by our Western team. Our front end approach to QC as a starting point leads to far less issues on the back end.
At each stage of the mold build, mold trial, and part verification process our Western team takes a hands-on approach to QC. We can also troubleshoot problems at other China factories for you.

Quality Control

Injection Mold Design – QC/QA

A great way to help ensure QC issues for any mold build stays at a minimum is to properly engineer, design, and QC check the mold design thoroughly before we ever think of cutting steel. That is the measured approach we take at Jade by pairing our experienced engineers with first-in-class technology tools like DFMPro to better qualify your part design, and Moldex3D which expertly qualifies our mold design. We then run our mold design through a rigorous final design checklist to make sure we have not missed anything crucial and we review with you to make sure you have not missed anything crucial. Our upfront QC approach doesn’t slow down your mold build time line, in fact it speeds it up. See a sample of our mold design checklist here.

Injection Mold Final Inspection

Throughout the entire mold build we verify as we go. Incoming materials and components checked for hardness and verified for authenticity, plus a variety of QC checks at various stages of the mold build. But it is the final inspection of the mold that is the most important part of the QC process when you are working with any offshore mold builder because once that mold ships fixing it becomes a lot harder. This is why at Jade, all our final mold inspections are performed by our Western mold building team on the ground in China. Our hands-on approach to Western QC processes on the shop floor is why our molds run well during mold trials and will run well right out of the shipping crate. See a sample of our final mold inspection checklist here.

With offshore mold building, injection mold production, and general production in China, there comes a certain amount of travel to qualify suppliers and to verify the quality of the end product before you allow for shipping back to your home country.  But times are changing for the foreseeable future with the current COVID-19 outbreak around the world affecting travel.

Right now, travel to China on a short term business trip is near impossible and the health risks associated with any kind of travel are real. So what do you do? Do you just take it on faith that your current China based supplier will deliver for you without issue? Or do you adapt and evolve your China business model? Our entire business model for the past 13 years in China has been based on Westerners being in China to hands-on manage mold builds and performing QC checks so that you don’t have to be here in China to ensure Western quality.

During these trying COVID-19 times lean on Jade’s Western team on the ground in China. Try the Jade way of injection mold building, injection mold production, and QC management in China.

Jade Outside QC Mold Inspection Services

Helping you in China with outside QC services at your existing supplier might be representing your interests during a mold trial, or troubleshooting a mold build that has gone off the rails, or rescuing a mold where we bring it back to Jade to fix and take over the project.

Westerners on the ground in China is how we fix your mold build problems, with clear native English communication with you that helps to solve the problem quicker without limiting the options available to you. If you are having any problems with a mold builder in China, get in touch today for a free QC consult – [email protected]

Jade Outside QC Production Services

Injection mold building and injection mold production are the core services we offer but we are also experienced in rapid prototyping as well as product development. With that our Western QC team is routinely called upon to help QC a variety of part production and product assembly outside of Jade.

There is a big cost associated to flying overseas to QC a product run and the risk of not flying over to verify your product quality can come with dire consequences down the line. Mitigate your risk and strike a good financial balance with Jade’s QC services. Veteran Western manufacturers on the ground is how we do it. Get in touch today for a free project QC consult.

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