Jade Molds

2 Easy Ways to Get a Quote

#1: Send us an email with your specs

We’re at sales@jademolds.com. You can email us directly or add us to your next mold quote request email.

Most people who choose this method know what they want and need it soon (even if they don’t have all the details worked out yet).




#2: Call us now at 888-549-6014

Our team is ready to talk through your mold design and business goals and help you spot potential problems and identify solutions before we get started.

If you can’t talk right now, email us your best date/time at sales@jademolds.com.

People who choose this method generally want to take advantage of our free design consulting services or talk through an issue with our patent-awarded engineering team before getting started.




What Happens Next

You’ll get a thorough review of your mold design from our patent-award-winning engineering team.

You may not have all the details at this preliminary stage, so we’ll poke and prod to uncover risks and opportunities.

(We often uncover potential issues most other molders miss at this stage, which means it never becomes a future problem you have to solve.)

Then you’ll get a quote with a few options to meet your business goals.

We understand that it may not be practical for our customers to have all the details at preliminary stages of procurement, so we try our best to provide quotes that encompass greater cost scenarios. If you need our help, we will work closely with you to better define your needs and to provide you a custom mold solution that suits your objectives.