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All injection mold tooling projects start with our USA engineering team who communicate directly with you to set-up your mold build using enhanced design verification technology like DFMPro and Moldex3D mold flow analysis. When the set-up of your project is complete our China team (Westerners living in China) take over to manage every aspect of the mold build. Try the Jade way today.

Injection Mold Building

injection molding china

To have a mold built in China and run well back home in your facility takes a lot of really good communication. Which is why so many end up having to spend a lot of time and extra money fixing molds that they receive from China. At Jade, our customers don’t have these problems. Our mold process starts in America with our mold engineering team before our China team (Westerners living in China) take over to micro manager and verify every aspect of the mold build. That is why our molds run well right out of the shipping crate.

Our mold making capabilities include: caps, closures, seals hot runners (we work with all brands of hot runners), unscrewing molds, thermoplastic injection molds, LSR / LIM silicone tooling, molds for PEEK and other high temperature materials, automotive, general purpose plastic molds, silicone injection molds, scientific molds, hot stamp printing dies, sonic welding horns, plastic molds up to 2200 molding press, lawn and garden, power equipment, medical, prototype to production.

injection mold building

Jade Mold Building Process

injection mold building process
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You can legally save up to 50% off your injection mold USA tariff using Jade's DDP shipping option.