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Injection Molding Services

Plastic injection molding services, with
low - high volume production solutions
If your final product will be made from plastic then the manufacturing solution to maximize profit for volume production is injection molding.
At our facility we trial molds, we run short run production for rapid tools, and we run medium to high volume production for industries such as medical, consumer goods, and automotive…and you get to speak with Westerners.

Plastic Injection Molding Services

When it comes to injection molding production services there are three popular scenarios in which Jade can support your part production needs.

1. Export Molds – we are shipping a mold to you, but you also need parts as a bridge solution before your own production can start.

2. Rapid Tooling – short run production fulfillment with Jade and we store your mold in-between orders.

3. Production Molds – medium to high run production fulfillment with Jade storing your mold in-between orders.

We make injection molded parts using two plate molds, three plate molds, stack molds, family molds, overmolds, insert molds, rapid tooling molds, and more. In-house presses from 50 T to 1100 T allow us to service a wide range of injection mold production projects.

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Injection Molding Materials

Choosing the right material for your part is vitally important to the overall success of your project. Choose a material that is over engineered for your needs, and part costs may hurt you. On the other hand, choosing the wrong material because it is cheap can also hurt your project goals and part performance.

Our Western engineering teams living in China and the USA can help guide you through the material selection process. Plus, with Jade we can guarantee that the material we bring into our facility is authentic. No fake resins with Jade.

Surface Finishing & Secondary Processes

We make molds for export and domestic production runs for just about every industry. With that comes the need to be able to apply a wide range of surface finishes. From a low cosmetic finish to a high mirror polish to bead blast, etching, matte finish, whatever your project requirements, we have the experience and expertise to deliver on your needs.

If your injection molded part requires a secondary finishing process like pad printing, silk-screening, assembly or other requirement we can deliver on your needs. Complete injection molding production solutions backed with USA and Western experience is what we offer in China.

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You can legally save up to 50% off your injection mold USA tariff using Jade's DDP shipping option.