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Mold Building Capabilities

Partial list of typical injection molds we make here at Jade.
  • Caps, Closures, Seals
  • Hot Runners – We work with all brands of hot runners
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Thermoplastic injection molds
  • LSR / LIM silicone tooling
  • Molds for PEEK and other high temperature materials
  • Automotive
  • General purpose plastic molds
  • Silicone injection molds
  • Scientific molds
  • Hot stamp printing dies
  • Sonic welding horns
  • Plastic molds up to 2200 molding press
  • Lawn and garden
  • Power equipment
  • Medical
  • Prototype to production
To learn how you can get a Western quality mold built by Westerners, in China, at China level pricing, for export back to your home country, check out our process, The Jade Way.

How can we help you?

Mold Building
The Jade Way

    • USA Engineering: It starts with our USA based engineering team who qualify and set-up each mold build project using DFM Pro and Moldex3D. At this stage we want to learn as much as possible about your project needs up front. Here we get you involved in the process outside of what your drawings are telling us, what are your end output goals, cycle times, size of presses you will run on…
    • DFM Pro: is the best design verification software in the industry and we are loving the results we are seeing by utilizing this powerful engineering software to its fullest potential. Our mold making quality has improved by adding DFM Pro into our mold making process because our USA based team are experts in DFM Pro and Moldex3D.
    • Moldex3D: is more than just the best mold flow simulation technology we have ever used. When set-up and leveraged correctly it is like doing first shots on the screen. One of the reasons we include for free with all projects is that using this software saves us money on the back end by helping us produce a superior mold that can deliver test parts and production quality parts faster.
    • Why DFM Pro and Moldex3D:  a big part of our philosophy at Jade is to use all technology and experience tools at our disposal so we can make the best possible mold. Yes our team is highly experienced and made up of Westerners with very specific expertise in mold building. But if technology can help make an even better mold, and investing in that technology also reduces costs, then why wouldn’t we offer to our customers’ for free? It is a win-win.
    • Mold Design Review: DFM, 3D, 2D, BOM, Moldflow. Before we green light any mold build we do a thorough review on the project with the customer, our USA team, and our China team (Westerners). We don’t want to miss a single detail before we start cutting steel.
    • China (Western) Team: to build molds in China, to Western standards, that will correctly and smoothly operate at speed on our customers’ presses back in the west, we simply need Westerners working and living in China full-time overseeing production at the factory on a daily basis. Our China based team consists of Western engineers, Western tooling program managers, Western project managers, Western QA/QC department, and Western IT data security. We micro manage all aspects of mold building in China in our Western owned and operated facility in Zhongshan to ensure Western mold quality.
    • In-house mold testing: with 18 presses ranging from 50T up to 1100T in our 55,000 sq ft mold building factory we have the capacity needed to be able to test multiple tools daily when needed. It is important to have sufficient testing capacity to ensure on-time delivery of molds after first article inspection of T1 samples. We build to Western standards and we test to Western standards by matching the production process you will use in your facility back home. We ship molds that work, not molds that need to be fixed.
    • Customer service: at Jade molds you will always communicate with an experienced Westerner who will be delivering you steel and heat treatment certification as needed, as well as weekly status updates on the progress of your tool. When you have questions we get you the answers, we don’t just say ‘yes’, as the standard China answer to any question when a non native speaker doesn’t understand your question or request.
    • Results: our on-time mold delivery record is over 95%. In 80% of the molds we build our process identifies potential design efficiencies and mold build improvements that, in the end, save our customers time and money. Deliver you a superior mold so you can complete with China on injection mold production jobs.

Injection Molding Engineering, Consulting, & Production

  • Moldex3D & DFM Pro Engineering Services: If you are in need of Moldex3D or DFM Pro as a standalone service, then we can help you. Moldex3D and DFM Pro run on our 24 CPU global private network which cuts down processing jobs dramatically and can handle multiple ongoing projects at the same time. [email protected] to inquire today.
  • Product Design: If you are looking for engineering help on product design this is also something we can help with. We have 19 patents in the product world with more pending so we are well positioned to understand your needs – [email protected]
  • Mold Consultation: Many of our customers’ first come to us in need of a consult, either on a tricky mold design that they want input on or because they are in a bad situation with an existing China mold maker. [email protected] to set up a free consultation, we can solve your mold problems.
  • Injection Molding Production: along with export mold building we also offer injection mold production services in China. [email protected] to start a project review.

How can we help you?