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Our engineering teams based in the USA, China, and India can help you bring your designs to life. We are a Western based company first so we clearly understand the needs of our Western customers.
Western manufacturing quality and service in China.

Injection Molding Services & more

injection mold tooling

Injection Mold Building

To have a mold built in China and run well back home in your facility takes a lot of really good communication. Which is why so many end up having to spend a lot of time and extra money fixing molds that they receive from China. At Jade, our customers don’t have these problems. Our mold process starts in America with our mold engineering team before our China team (Westerners living in China) take over to micro manager and verify every aspect of the mold build. That is why our molds run well right out of the shipping crate. Learn more…

Plastic Injection Molding

With 18 in-house injection mold presses ranging from 50 T to 1100 T not only can we run multiple mold trials when needed but we are also well positioned to run multiple injection mold production jobs. If we have built you an injection mold for export to your country and you need us to bridge production for you while the mold ships, we can certainly do that. Or maybe you would like us to build the mold, store it, and run production for you when needed? Think Jade for short run or high-volume injection molded production parts. Learn more…

CNC machining

Moldex3D Engineering Services

Moldex3D is not your average mold flow analysis. This powerful software is top in the industry. When you leverage this software properly it is like doing first shot on the screen. We include Moldex3D and DFMPro with all of our projects for a couple of key reasons. i) Identify design issues and fix issues faster before cutting steel ii) Jade saves time (money) on mold trials as Moldex3D helps us deliver a mold to you after the first 1 or 2 test shots. We pass this savings on to you iii) Your optimal injection molding process that matches your project needs, all through Moldex3D Learn more…

CNC Machining Services

From prototype to production and all levels of low volume manufacturing, we offer precision CNC machining services at Jade to customers from all over the world. As product developers with over 20 patents in-house we understand how vital rapid manufacturing is for speed to market success. Appearance models with perfect surface finishing, functional prototypes that are tough as nails, multiple iterations of the same designs with slight variations. The only questions is, how can we help you? Learn more…