Jade Molds


Great design for manufacturing
requires experience + technology

Our engineering teams are trained in multiple CAD programs as well as Moldex3D and DFMPro so that we can quality your part design faster, more accurately, and deliver you better engineering solutions.

Injection Mold Engineering



Moldex3D is simply the best injection molding simulation software we have ever worked with. The highly accurate simulations are like taking a time machine to your future mold trial, seeing the problems and being able to fix them long before you ever think of cutting mold steel. Learn more…


We invest in first-in=class software like DFMPro because it is wholly worth the investment for both us and our customer’s. Leveraging technology well allows our engineering teams to focus on deeper DFM evaluations so that they can design and deliver you better engineering solutions. Learn more…

Mold Bases

As an injection molding parts producer you make money on the parts. You need the injection mold tool but there is no profit in that for you. Why have your skilled mold builders spend there time on mold base fabrication tasks? Keep your skilled guys focuses on skill mold building. Learn more…

Injection Mold Design

Whether you need Jade to build you an offshore injection mold, or you just need DFMPro and Moldex3D a la carte services, or you need an engineering consultation to qualify your current part design and current injection mold tooling design, our engineering teams will deliver you a project solution.