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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns Jade Molds?
  • Jade Molds is owned by Jade Group International, both of which are owned by Patrick Smith.
  • Is Jade Molds really Western owned?
  • Yes, our USA, China, and India operations are all wholly owned by Patrick Smith.
  • What version of CAD/CAM software does Jade run?
  • 2019, we have licenses of the newest versions of Solidworks, Creo, UG/NX DFM Pro and Moldex3D-R17
  • What is the largest tool that we can QC with our CMM?
  • Larger molds are inserted. We can measure and insert 55 cm by 90 cm. That's a pretty big mold.
  • What standards does Jade use for texturing? Yangsook or Moldtex?
  • Both are fine. Yangsook has a franchise 10 minutes from Jade. We know the owner well
  • Does Jade have a hot oil heaters in house?
  • Yes, we have hot oil heater as well as water, both chillers and thermolaters; we also have done a lot of molds with cartridge heaters. The JADE way is always testing/running molds at temperature.
  • Can Jade do moisture testing analysis on the resins?
  • Yes, we have a moisture analyzer in house. If it’s a resin that requires more than desiccant drying, we outsource to a Taiwan partner factory that has vacuum dryers, 5 minutes away from Jade.
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